Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I can hardly wait for Spring...not on the calendar, but when it really shows up.  I want to plant NOW.  I have been buying flowers for inside the house.  

Before, I'd look for the daffodils about now and sometimes they'd be up and other times, it was just too soon.

Before, I would have made more than a few trip North to Mt Vernon by now...to see if the tulips are up yet:

And along the way, I would have checked my favorite spots to see if the eagles were around.  This is my favorite nesting pair:

Before, I'd be in the park, taking photos of the ferns as they start to unfurl:

Before, if the time was right, I'd get a treat like this:

Before, I would be wondering when I was ever going to move East.  Back to Idaho.  

I'm back in Idaho now.  I'm pretty sure Spring will be coming soon.  I just need to be patient. 

As I was uploading this last photo, I noticed I took it a year ago - IN APRIL!  I am jumping the gun just a little, I guess.  

I'm still exploring and I'm so happy I'm here.  The flowers will come.  I'll find the eagles. and maybe, just maybe, I'll find new things I want to photograph.  

Before, I wanted to be here.  Now, I'm just happy I am.



  1. It is difficult to be patient tho isn't it ... Love the tulip fields you could be in Holland....