Thursday, September 12, 2013

The little things

These next photos show the little things that have been finished.  It's getting pretty close now.  Still shooting for Wed, 9/18.  Yippee!

I'll save what I feel is the best for last!  Here are some kitchen photos.

For cookie sheets

Pull out shelf under cooktop

Spot for the microwave over the oven

Silverware drawer

Paper towel holder, next to the sink - paper towels on top dowel, towels on bottom

The rods are now in the master closet.

Now the piece I'm most proud to have in our house!  Proud?  Maybe excited is the right word.
THE HAMPER!!!  lol

The laundry room side

Open the door and pull the hamper toward the laundry room to get the dirty clothes

The closet side

Open the door, pull out the drawer and put the dirty clothes in

I didn't show the top where the shelves are.  Put the clean clothes in on the laundry room side and put them away on the closet side!

I really am happy with how the "little" things we added were done.  I may add a "handle" of some sort to the hamper itself; we'll see. 

There aren't many other things to show.  Just tiny things to finish/fix.  Maybe after the final walk through, I'll take photos of everything before we start moving our things.

Thanks for following all of my ramblings.  I can hardly wait for Spring now to get the outside going - planting flowers and all.  We have a few shrubs to plant and will probably put in a few trees.  I want some paperbark birch trees!  And I'd love to have a contorted hazelnut or willow tree.  Geez, am I never happy?  I am, really I am!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting close now!

Lots of ends tied up yesterday and today.  It's really coming together.  With a move day set for September 18, it's pretty fun to see the last things coming together.

Let's see, first the lighting.  This is the entryway light:

The lights for the spare bedrooms:

The lights for the Jack and Jill bathroom vanities:

The master bathroom vanity lights:

And the under cupboard lighting in the kitchen:

Unfortunately, the backsplash tiles are still on backorder.  They won't be in when we move, but hopefully, not too long after we're there.

Next is the kitty cupboard.  This is the "entrance" to the space:

And this is how she will get to the litter box:

I think it will be great to have the litter box out of the way and contained.  No more walking on litter!  Well, at least that's my hope.

I have these recessed outlets in two places - in the family room and in the master bedroom.  They will allow me to put furniture against the wall if I want.

There is a bit of a problem with the patio.  I didn't notice it, but Scooter did.  I'm sure eventually, I would.  Do you see anything wrong?

One column is right on the edge of the patio and the other is about 2" from the edge.  There were two ways to "fix" it.  One, tear out the columns and the existing patio.  Two, add an apron to the patio.  The rock wall in the back is in an arch so we figured making the apron an arch would work, too.  And no doubt, I will have a big planter in front of the column anyway.  I think this will work just fine.
I love the new oven.  Thought I'd give you a peek of the inside.  Isn't it wonderful?

Now for a little wildlife.  I've seen a few quail, but tonight when we went to the house all of these turkeys were out front!  Good thing we won't be here for Thanksgiving.  Scooter is already talking about a turkey dinner!  Yikes!

There were about nine here on the West side of the house and when we left, there were at least four more on the other side. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

In the Closet

Yesterday was Saturday, so no one was working.  Randy, the closet installer, said they were staying Friday night until the closet was done.  It's all in except the clothes rods.  But first, here's a shot of the driveway from the road.

I like it.  I think we'll be happy with it.
Here is the finished dresser:

And it's huge!  Each drawer is at least 10" deep and 2' wide.  We're going to have to buy more clothes to fill it!  Nice though.  They did such a nice job on it.

Here is the right side of the closet.  Two photos to get it all in because of the tight spot taking the photo.  To the far right is a small space for hanging clothes and the rest will be double row hanging.

I asked for two shelves over the hanging clothes.  Whether or not anything goes there remains to be seen, but you can only stack clothes so high and then they fall over.  This way, I have storage that can be used.  I think out of season items (yeah, I have lots of that, not), purses, Scooter's hats, etc can go there.  I'm going to need a step stool!

 The shelving to the left is the hamper "unit" that will pass through to the laundry room (the big space toward the bottom will be a drawer which will be a hamper).  The top shelves are to pass clean, folded clothes back to the closet.  The other tall shelving is for sweater and sweatshirt types of clothes.  Could also be jeans.  And the right photo shows the double hanging space.  With any luck, the next photos you see will have clothes in them - next week???  Probably early the next week.  We'll see!

The glass came for the kitchen cabinet.   I love it.  I won't have a hutch in this house and this will allow me to kind of display the fancy glass stuff we have.  Did you notice how big it is?  lol
Here's a close-up.  I love reed glass.  We were looking in the kitchen last night and there is one heck of a lot of cupboards to fill.  Wow.  We'll see what ends up there!

That's it for now.  Not much new stuff from here on out, I suppose.  Woo hoo!  Getting really close now.  I will keep posting when new stuff happens or gets added. 

Thanks for following the progress.  I appreciate all the comments.  Once we get settled, I'd love to have visitors!  Give tours!  HA!  OK, I'm getting carried away. 

It will be nice to get my cat and be able to find something without driving to the storage unit!  Oh, I dream.  I think I'll be able to find stuff anyway. 

Have a good week!

Friday, September 6, 2013


Well, first a bit of bad news that really is good news.  Really.

Check this out:

Late this afternoon, the master closet cupboards were being installed.  The finish carpenter had installed the moulding around the bottom of the closet last week.  When he did, he shot a nail into the main water pipe coming into the house.  The closet dude pulled it out (not knowing, of course) and Old Faithful was in our closet.  Oh boy!  He put a screw in the hole to stop the water and made phone calls.  He went out to the street and turned off the main water.  Whew. 

Here's the good part.  If he had not found it tonight, when the nail finally rusted, we would have had a mess on our hands and a whole lot of damage.  We really dodged a bullet, thank goodness. 

Now, on to the progress!

The carpets were installed today, well except for in the master closet - see above.  Here is the family room.


The first two are the same room, different angles.  And the last one is the carpet pattern.  I think the color is closest to the first photo.  Now, the bad news.  When the carpet was manufactured, there was an error in the pattern.  It wasn't noticed until the installer tried to match the pattern.  The distributor has contacted the manufacturer and has filed a claim.  A replacement has been ordered and will be installed when it arrives.  They finished this installation so we can close.

Next is the master bedroom.

I can't tell which photo is closest to the right color, but maybe the bottom one.  This is a eco friendly carpet and is so soft!  I think it's Smart-Strand "silk."  All I know is it's like walking on air.  It has no pattern.

The office and the other two bedrooms are the same short shag.
These are the office and the first is the most true color.
The following are the front bedroom, the hallway and the back bedroom.

These are the drawers that will go in the master closet dresser.  I can hardly wait until tomorrow to see it all installed!

Here's a photo of the powder room.  I was trying to get a shot of the light fixture, but as you can see, I didn't do so well.  The same fixtures go in the master bath.

Also today the driveway got done.  We were going to go with concrete, but changed it to asphalt.  We decided with the winters and the de-ice, it would be better to go with this.  I don't think we'll be sorry.  We see lots of cracked and ruined concrete when we drive around.  Hope it's the right choice!  I'll get a shot from the street tomorrow.

 Lastly for this post is the "web."  That's was the builder calls the design on the front and back porches.  They got all of the cedar trim stained.  I think it really goes well with the paint and rock.

Here's the back.

That's all I have on the house today.  Well, I do have one more photo. 
I set this bee trap yesterday.  They are really bad at our new house.  I sure hope there aren't as many next year.   

OK, I have to post a flower here.  It's been a while.  This is the flower of a Turk's Head cactus taken at Manito Park.  They have an awesome cactus display!