Sunday, April 6, 2014

Permission or Forgiveness?

Are you a permission or a forgiveness person? I feel I miss out on things because I am a permission person.

On a recent visit to the Spokane Gaiser Conservatory in Manito Park, I noticed a sign on the conservatory door that said, "No tripods of any kind are allowed."  I didn't have mine with me, so I wasn't too concerned. Besides, it said "NO", so there wasn't a chance I'd take mine.

It was a Tuesday morning and not very busy. I decided my mom and I needed some color and beauty so off we went. We turned to the right upon entry and there were the mums and the orchids.  So beautiful.

I love these Vanda Orchids.  They remind me of seersucker material. On the close up, the center looks like a little alien or leprechaun or animated bug to me!

We entered the cactus exhibit. I'm always amazed at the textures I see in the cactus section. So amazing and beautiful!

Down the aisle, back up the other side and I see it.  The forbidden tripod!

We had seen the photographer on the other side of the aisle a couple of times, but never saw the tripod. While part of me wanted to call her out, "did you see the sign?" or "do you always break the rules?" I kept quiet, silently applauding her bravado. 

I follow the rules. I always ask for permission. I do not like to be called out.  I hate to be in trouble. I like to think maybe she decided that since it wasn't busy, she could always put it away if more people came. Or maybe she is an ask forgiveness person.

Regardless, I think I'd like to take more chances. Maybe I'll ask if I can.