Sunday, April 6, 2014

Permission or Forgiveness?

Are you a permission or a forgiveness person? I feel I miss out on things because I am a permission person.

On a recent visit to the Spokane Gaiser Conservatory in Manito Park, I noticed a sign on the conservatory door that said, "No tripods of any kind are allowed."  I didn't have mine with me, so I wasn't too concerned. Besides, it said "NO", so there wasn't a chance I'd take mine.

It was a Tuesday morning and not very busy. I decided my mom and I needed some color and beauty so off we went. We turned to the right upon entry and there were the mums and the orchids.  So beautiful.

I love these Vanda Orchids.  They remind me of seersucker material. On the close up, the center looks like a little alien or leprechaun or animated bug to me!

We entered the cactus exhibit. I'm always amazed at the textures I see in the cactus section. So amazing and beautiful!

Down the aisle, back up the other side and I see it.  The forbidden tripod!

We had seen the photographer on the other side of the aisle a couple of times, but never saw the tripod. While part of me wanted to call her out, "did you see the sign?" or "do you always break the rules?" I kept quiet, silently applauding her bravado. 

I follow the rules. I always ask for permission. I do not like to be called out.  I hate to be in trouble. I like to think maybe she decided that since it wasn't busy, she could always put it away if more people came. Or maybe she is an ask forgiveness person.

Regardless, I think I'd like to take more chances. Maybe I'll ask if I can.


  1. These are beautiful photos - I find orchids difficult to photograph. I was in a handmade shop today with fantastic displays and it said 'no photographs' and I didn't dare take the lens cap off… and then I spotted a woman with her camera phones snapping away! I think the best thing to do is ask for permission… I almost did! I ended up taking a photo of the outside of the shop for my Weekend Walks - I regret now not asking inside!!

  2. I'm a permission person too. I once was reminded politely in a National Trust house about no photographs ( I didn't see the sign ) and was mortified. Like Helen I have regretted not asking .

  3. I tend to be a little of both. If I am in somebodies shoppe or store I always ask permission first. If it is outdoors, open air stalls. I tend to shoot first, unless I want close ups of their products then I will ask permission. Those No Trespassing signs I tend to ignore a little :)

  4. I am totally a rule follower (permission person)!! I get so miffed by people that break rules. Your photos are gorgeous! I agree, the center of the purple flower does look like a little creature of some sort. Have a great week :)

  5. Oh, I am such a permission person, and I often wish I could "loosen up." I inwardly cringe when I'm with someone who takes for granted that the rules don't apply to them, because I'm afraid I'll get in trouble by association. The flowers are beautiful but I'll never be able to look at a vanda orchid the same way again - I'll be seeing that little alien-leprechaun-bug thing and laughing.