Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 8 - Start to Finish

I couldn't put together a still life.  This is about as close as I get.  I don't feel I have talent in that area.  I use things already in place.  I like this one.  The watering can is old and the treatment for this assignment fit it fine.   This photo was taken a year ago at one of my favorite nurseries.  I looked up quotes for gardening and this class is to help me cultivate MY garden so I felt like it fit fine, too.

The treatment used for this photo was vintage gradient.  The font is Rough Typewriter.

Fitting in is tough.  I'm pretty good at faking it.  Most of the time, I'm uncomfortable.  Maybe I spend too much time alone.  I like being alone, but it does make it tough sometimes.  It seems like I used to be comfortable and outgoing in social situations.  When I worked I had to do it all the time.  Maybe now that I am not working, I am unsure. Maybe I'm just out of practice.  Maybe it's too much Facebook.  Maybe it's not important to me anymore.  

What that has to do with Start to Finish is beyond me.  I started this assignment and I like the finished product.  I learned from it, but not sure when I'll use it.  It is nice to have in my bag of tricks though!

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