Monday, October 7, 2013

Home Sweet Home!

Hi! Remember me?  I'm back with some finished photos. 

We did our final walk through with the builder on September 18th.  We got our keys, but did not move in until Thursday, September 19th.  Scooter set up the bed in one of the spare bedrooms and we slept there.  Our new bed and mattress was delivered on Friday.  And I feel like I've been unpacking non-stop.  I thought packing was a pain, but unpacking is worse.  Now I have to find a spot for everything.  I still have a ways to go, but it's starting to feel like home!

Here we go:

Our foyer.  This was taken from the family room looking toward the front door.  My office is on the right and the guest bedrooms are on the left.  Next, the guest bedrooms. 

We call this Mimi's room.  She likes to look out back, so this is perfect for her (or you if you come when she's not here!).

This guest room is in the front of the house.  The trundle bed makes into a king bed - lots  of room for company (hint, hint).

This bath is off the back bedroom.

This is off the front bedroom.  We have not oiled the soapstone in these bathrooms yet, so they are still gray.  We will get them done - sooner or later.

Here's the shower between the two. 

The family room from the foyer.  Looks like I need to vacuum!

This view is from the dining room looking into the family room.

The dining area is in the background.

The following are photos of the kitchen: 

The backsplash got finished on Thursday.  I love it!  And I really love the soapstone!  The cabinets look like they have a red tone, but they really don't.

And the laundry room:

The hamper.  The laundry room side of the hamper, then the master closet side.

The master bedroom:

We did get a new bed & mattress.  I found my bedside tables on craigslist for $50 each!  Score!

The master bathroom: 

The shower door got installed last week.

Linen closet:

Our master closet:

The built in dresser has four drawers & there are two rows for hanging clothes.  Next to Scooter's hanging clothes are shelves for folded clothes.  My side also has a small section for long hanging clothes, but I don't have a photo.  And I love the two shelves above for storage.

OK, I think that's it.  I hope you've enjoyed going through the process of building of our house.  I'm sure there will be more later! 
No grass in the yard or flowers yet.  I may take some photos and add them later.  Maybe if I ever get done with my unpacking.
Thanks for indulging me!  I love your comments.


  1. Looking beautiful. I'm sure you're going to enjoy your new home.

  2. Oh it looks wonderful, how lovely to be able to design it exactly how you want it..

  3. Debbie - I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Don't feel obligated to play. I wanted to let you know that I love reading your blog. Details are on my Paisley blog.

  4. Soapstone what a great idea for surfaces, I hadn't thought of that one. Your place is beautiful.

  5. Looks wonderful! Just visiting I am a blogging friend of Sarah's.