Sunday, November 17, 2013

Oh yeah, it's the Blue House

My husband asked me why there are no photos of the outside of the house on the blog.  Huh?  There aren't?  No, lots of photos of the built-in laundry basket but nothing of the outside. 

Not everyone is a fan of the color.  I love it, Scooter says it's OK.  It makes really easy to give directions.  It's the only blue house in the neighborhood!

Here it is:


This is when we got our driveway:

 This is the back of the house:


 It will be nice when we get lawn.  That will be Spring.   

That's it.  We love it.  We have a little bit of snow right now.  It covers up the dirt!  Makes it look so clean and bright.


  1. I remember that first year at our new house, before we had a lawn. I was so grateful for the snow, it covered up all the weeds.

  2. I love your blue house with the wood and rock trim. Landscaping will be so much fun with this blank canvas. Just noticed how when looking at the front of the house, you can see right through to the trees in the back yard. So beautiful.