Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Address, Forms and Footings

Just before we went to Spokane for our anniversary, we ran out to the property to see how far they had gotten on first cut day.  The first thing we noticed was that we got an address!  Everyone has been calling it lot 37 Shiras.  And here it is!  

The first cut was displaced with a hole!  It didn't look like a deep hole, but there was lots and lots of dirt!

The culvert for the driveway was also placed.

The next morning, we noticed that the Deerleys must have sent word to their cousins that we were moving in, because there was evidence they had been there checking it out!


Next, are the footings.  It finally looks like a house is being built here.  It's so hard to
get an idea of the size from footings, I think.  I look, and it looks small, then I look again, and it seems really big!


Wednesday, May 8th, it was hot!  After we knew the guys had gone home, we went to the property so Scooter could limb some of the trees.  I wanted to be able to get better photos!  That is what is important anyway. 

It was so nice.  There was a little breeze blowing and all you could hear were birds singing.  I could sit there for hours.  This is almost where the front porch will be and I probably will sit here for hours!  

Meanwhile, Scooter was limbing the trees.  I was worried about the chainsaw and overhead limbs.  I worry about everything.  But all was well.


Here we are in front of the forms!  It is so hard to take a good photo from above.

Scooter went to work on Friday and I didn't get back up to the house site until Sunday.  The forms were all done and most of the footings were poured.  

This is from the SE corner looking West.  

This is from the NW looking across the entire house to the SE.  I'm up on a bit of a hill to see it all.   

And here's Mimi - already on the porch, wouldn't you know.  She didn't even take her shoes off!

When I opened the door to the Honey Bucket, there were our house plans!  lol  I guess it is the reading room for everyone everywhere.

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