Saturday, May 4, 2013

Here We Go!

On Wednesday, May 1, we went to the property with our Project Manager, Cameron, and did a rough layout of where the house will sit on the property.  This is the first corner stake:

When we were all done, it looked like this:

The line is hard to see and a bit irregular, but there it is!  Drawing on a photo is not so easy!  The first real step to getting it built.

The rest are photos of the property.  We now have a pretty good idea of the property lines.  We thought the road was pretty much our border, but it's bigger than we thought.  It's a total of 1.08 acres.  

This is from the main road looking North.  The NE corner is at the top and behind the row of trees.  Our property stake is just behind the row of trees.  

This is from the NE end (not the corner post) looking SE toward the road.  

From SE corner look to the NW.  The standing water will be gone OR if it is rock underneath, it could become a fountain.

The powerpost is in, but no transformer!  Hard to get power, but one step closer.

This is approximately what the view from the porch will be.  Some of the trees have to come out, but most of the big ones will stay.

On Saturday, we went to the office and picked out colors for the outside and the kind of rock we want.  We also upgraded the trim package inside and picked out plumbing fixtures.  I have the list of where to go to look at and pick out the lighting and the flooring.  I'm having soapstone counters and we need to pick that out.  

Cameron thinks they will have the excavator in by Tuesday and a final layout for the house.  The foundation should be in by week end.  

Oh my gosh, I think we're building a house!


  1. I love your land with the big beautiful trees. This is going to be such a fantastic place to live.

  2. So exciting for you. Looking forward to seeing it grow...