Sunday, July 14, 2013

Looking Good!

I got a new laptop with Windows 8 and touch screen.  I've been trying to update this blog and have been having problems.  I'm pretty sure it's the Win 8.  Argh.  So look at the photos!  Front porch being poured and insulation going up.


The following were taken July 13.  Sheet rock is going up!  The rooms are taking shape.


There you figure out this win 8 stuff, you get the just the photos.  Maybe that's a good thing???
One last photo.  This is an owl I saw when I was leaving!  I couldn't resist and I can hardly
wait to live there full time to see and photograph the wildlife!



  1. Really starting to take shape. How wonderful to have the added bonus of the owl.

  2. It's looking great! Isn't it fun to build a house? I loved watching ours go up.

  3. Oh having walls it's looks so good... Thanks for visiting today....

  4. The sheetrock really makes it seems like a home. The owl is awesome.