Monday, July 1, 2013

Seems Like Baby Steps

There has been lots of progress on our house, but it seems like just a little bit is happening.  The electrical is in and waiting for inspection.  The rough plumbing is in and waiting for inspection.  The heating ducts are in - waiting for inspection.  That's good, but sure doesn't make for good photos!  

The roof is on and it looks great!

I love the dark gray roof. 

They have also put the detail on the front of the house.  I can hardly wait for the paint and stain!  There will be tongue and groove on the porch ceilings in the front and back.

A close up view!

Woo hoo!  My Dutch Door is installed!  I love it already!  Ha!  I want a screen door there, too.

The fireplace is installed, too.  This is the inside view.

And this is the view that will be on the patio/porch/deck.  

We can hardly wait to sit out back and enjoy the fireplace!

They are mostly doing inspections this week.  Next week they will start the dry wall.  Things will look much different.  So until then...keep cool and enjoy the heat!


  1. Love the progress that is being made. You will have such a beautiful house when this is done. I love the idea of the double sided fireplace. We would definitely take advantage of something like that.

  2. It's going to be so wonderful the fireplace idea is great not something you seebin the UK.....

  3. This is coming along so well. I love the fireplace idea! I can just imagine how perfect it would be sitting on the patio. Lucky you!

  4. This is coming along beautifully. Love that you're sharing the step by steps with us.