Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Home Tour

OMGosh!  Our house is really coming along.  I know I've been neglectful posting photos, but between packing and packing and packing, there hasn't been much time.  By the time I sit down, it's not long before the zzzz's start!  And I haven't gotten the Win 8 version of blogger perfected yet. 

I'll start with photos from a couple days ago.  The following are mostly the garage.  Scooter inspecting his cool, HUGE garage/shop.  He had not been home for three weeks, so it was a big change.

 This is looking at where my car goes.
Scooter didn't think the mud looked wet.  He was wrong.   

Putting on the shoe that was sucked off of his foot!  lol

Looking from the back of the garage to the street.

More inspection. 
Looking outside from the family room.
This is a couple days later.  They started to side the house!  All the windows and doors are trimmed. 
(the pieces of sheetrock were NOT there when he stepped out)

These are our bedroom windows!

Seriously, there is siding on the front of the house.  Pretty bright out.  There will be rock around the bottom of the siding and around the posts.

You can see the siding a little better here.  I can hardly wait for the exterior paint!
The inside of the house is all textured and I think they start the interior paint today!!  Once the painting is done, up go the cabinets.  Oh, oh, oh!!!  I am so excited!
Hopefully, more photos tonight or tomorrow.  I think you'll be able to see the texture when it's painted.   

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  1. we have only built one house, our very first one. i found the whole process daunting. it looks amazing, all those windows and light! can't wait to visit!