Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 28 - 1 Photo 3 Ways

Today was a struggle, yet again, for me.  I don't have many photos that work well as a still life.  So... here is number one:  

I used the kk_framed texture, lowered the opacity and used a brush to take some of the texture off of parts of the coneflower and frame.  Number two:

Here I used kk_cool grunge and kk_abstract textures, lightened the layer and added the inspire brush.  And lastly, number three:

This one was changed to black and white, lightened, a noise filter was added, as well as adding the white brush "who so ever loves believes the impossible." 

I put them altogether here:

The three versions were placed on the kk_wish texture.  

It's fun to add these different techniques to my photos.  I am learning quite a bit, but wondering if I will use any of the techniques in the future.  I guess it's better to know how and use them sporadically than not know how.  

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