Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 29 - Being Brave

Today is a two/three parter.  I will probably only do two.  

Part II
5 Brave & Bold Photography Dreams

     - take photos everyday varying the subject
     - do a tour/photo tour of Prague 
     - Europe
     - work with my photos without guilt
     - become better at marketing my work

Part III
Being brave is not something I attribute to myself.  The house is for sale and moving East will be a brave thing for me to do.  The move was going to be in 2008, although when I moved here, my goal was to move back to Idaho when I retired.  Our daughter decided to go to college locally and the move was postponed.  Then the market dropped out of sight.  The house is on the market again.  It didn't sell last year.  Moving will be big for me.  Lots of changes heading my way.  

I'm anxious to move in both definitions of the word.  I'm anxious to be closer to my mom and help her since my dad has passed.  I'm also anxious for all of the changes that happen with a move. I'll surely miss my friends here.  Making new ones will be different.  And finding a new place to live.  Where will it be?  How big of house?  Buy?  Rent?  Lots to make me anxious.  This is the best photo I have to represent me being brave:

I pretty sure I'm ready.  Now, if the house would only sell.  


  1. Moving out of your comfort zone is always difficult I have quite a few I need to do people tell me it's easier after the first step ......

  2. A big move like that will probably be in our future in the next 10 years. Once our daughter decides were she will end up. I can't imagine living too far from her, especially once there are grandchildren in the picture. I have lived in the same town my whole life, so it will be exciting and scary and I am sure wonderful. Good luck with selling the house :)

  3. I did a big move like this 8 years ago...and it was one of the best things for us to do. We did it with no jobs or anything...crazy huh? Love your map image.
    Laurie @ Pride in Photos

  4. this photograph is so beautiful! you've done a lovely job of the processing. I can totally understand your worries related to a move. We have just moved as well and the anxiety about our new house is mind-numbing.
    One step at a time is the best way to go I've found :)
    With love

  5. Love your map image also...Oh, moving...that can be so stressful. I just moved my mother this summer. I kept telling day at a time. But she loves her new place, so it was so worth all the work!