Friday, August 2, 2013

Double the Goodness! I wasn't Prepared

Due to moving out and packing and cleaning, we hadn't been to the house in a couple days.  We went last night and OMGosh! it looks amazing
It looks like a park!

I was trying to add these to the end, but it went to the top.  These show the siding. 


Yay!  Garage doors.  This one is on my side.

And this is on Scooter's side..

We hired "Frank" to do the excavating and build a wall in the back.  This is what he calls the rough stage.  Still needs to smooth and bring in top soil.  We think it looks awesome!

There are stairs to the right of middle, so I can go up to where someday there will be a greenhouse.  I like that it's terraced.

This is from the front looking at the East side. 
The kitchen cabinets.  Not done by any means, but soooo pretty.  They are Shaker style and the wood is knotty Alder.  I love them.  Can't wait until they are all done. 

This is part of the laundry room.  OK, yes, there is no drawer or anything in the bottom.  It will stay like that and the litter box will be under the utility sink to the right.  Then it will be hidden and the cat can still get to it.  Love it! 

Master bathroom vanity.

These (above and below) are the Jack & Jill bathroom vanities.

AND last, but certainly not least, this is a new bookcase for my office/craft/photography room.  We had talked to the cabinet guy, Chad, about building one and little did I know, Scooter asked him to finish it for my birthday present.  It is so pretty & he has to put the trim on it.  I'm a pretty lucky girl.  There were supposed to be no presents because the house is all of our gifts for the year.  It looks awesome!
I'll be out of town for a week and can hardly wait to see what happens when I'm gone. 

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