Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Unexpected Blessing - I Think

Unless we are friends on Facebook, you wouldn't have seen my post yesterday.  Originally, we rented this house until May 31.  When we decided to build, we knew we'd need the rental until at least July 31.  It turns out, our new home is not scheduled to be complete until about mid-September.  

Scooter called the rental company and asked if we could extend our rent through August. They said they would check with the owner.  School starts in late August and they really like to have the properties rented by then.  I opened the mail yesterday to find a Renewal of Lease through August 2014.  Yeah, that is not going to work.  We will need to move out probably late July, then do the clean up and carpet cleaning so it will be available August 1st.

My plan has been to go through the boxes we have not unpacked and re-examine the "stuff" that was unpacked and decide what to put in a yard sale and what to give away or toss.  The procrastinator in me just knew I had lots of time to go through all of those boxes and containers.  The unexpected blessing would be that I need to get started on it - soon.  Today.  Ugh.  

It will be nice to have it done.  And we already have a storage unit for the boxes (that right now has other boxes in it that need to be gone through).  We'll store everything there until we can move into the new house.  

This is my make shift office right now.  The stuff I use for my photography, making calendars and papers that seem to reproduce on their own.

This is in the house office.  I have so much "stuff" in the closet that I really need to sell. I figure about half of what's in the closet can go.  And this is only the half you can see.  

Same closet, different view.  Yep, boxes under the table and beside the table.  And I can't  begin to talk about the reams of paper to be shredded.  

These boxes are in our bedroom.  I already went through these boxes once.  I need to re-evaluate what I kept.  I really doubt I'll be wearing pantyhose anytime soon.

This is all Christmas stuff.  How did that happen?  And I went through all of this two Christmas' ago to get it down to this.  I know I don't want to take up valuable closet space with all of this.  I hope I can be objective and throw sentimentality out the window.  This will be hard. 

There is storage under the garage and these are some of the boxes there. 

And here are some of the boxes to go through that are downstairs.  Oh my gosh.  Did I say blessing?  I'll need to keep reminding myself.  To the left, is only part of the ski stuff Scooter has downstairs.

These are the empty boxes we kept so I can refill them.  

After I go through our (my) stuff, I should have extra!  Right?  

These are garage photos.  

I need to go through everything that is now in a container!

These shelves are awesome, but deadly.  I've filled it up since we moved in December.  MORE things to evaluate.  

All in all, I'm calling it a blessing.  I might make a little bit of money, I'll be donating to charity and we'll have more space.  It's all good, right?

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  1. Oh I so get this. I have 17 big Christmas boxes and several little ones. We have lived in our house 27 years... some of needs to go. Take advantage of this time to purge! Your house looks great!