Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Newest Changes

It's been over week since we were at the house.  It was great to go tonight and see all of the updates and changes. 

First, the outside:

They are finishing up the rock and the shakes on the front of the house.  I think it looks so nice!

The back is finished, I think.  Look at this fireplace!  Amazing job.  I'm looking forward to sitting outside by the fireplace in the Fall. 

They still need to wood wrap the top of the columns.  But it's really coming together!

Coming home and seeing most of the lighting installed was pretty cool, too.  I love the lights, love 'em.

The closet shelving is done in my office.

Utility sink is installed.  I'm going to have Scooter put a rod from the wall to the cabinet.  I hang so many clothes to dry; I love having a rack.

Our fireplace is incredible!  They did such a wonderful job. 


Range top


Kitchen sink and dishwasher

Let there be light.  This is the light we picked for the eating area.  Then a close up.


The light in for the bathroom vanity.

I was hoping more would have been done.  They are a little behind.  We were supposed to get our Certificate of Occupancy on 9/13.  I doubt that will happen.  There is still a lot to finish. 


  1. It is coming along so wonderfully. The fireplaces are awesome, love the big windows on both sides of it too. Well, whenever you get in it will be well worth the wait.