Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting close now!

Lots of ends tied up yesterday and today.  It's really coming together.  With a move day set for September 18, it's pretty fun to see the last things coming together.

Let's see, first the lighting.  This is the entryway light:

The lights for the spare bedrooms:

The lights for the Jack and Jill bathroom vanities:

The master bathroom vanity lights:

And the under cupboard lighting in the kitchen:

Unfortunately, the backsplash tiles are still on backorder.  They won't be in when we move, but hopefully, not too long after we're there.

Next is the kitty cupboard.  This is the "entrance" to the space:

And this is how she will get to the litter box:

I think it will be great to have the litter box out of the way and contained.  No more walking on litter!  Well, at least that's my hope.

I have these recessed outlets in two places - in the family room and in the master bedroom.  They will allow me to put furniture against the wall if I want.

There is a bit of a problem with the patio.  I didn't notice it, but Scooter did.  I'm sure eventually, I would.  Do you see anything wrong?

One column is right on the edge of the patio and the other is about 2" from the edge.  There were two ways to "fix" it.  One, tear out the columns and the existing patio.  Two, add an apron to the patio.  The rock wall in the back is in an arch so we figured making the apron an arch would work, too.  And no doubt, I will have a big planter in front of the column anyway.  I think this will work just fine.
I love the new oven.  Thought I'd give you a peek of the inside.  Isn't it wonderful?

Now for a little wildlife.  I've seen a few quail, but tonight when we went to the house all of these turkeys were out front!  Good thing we won't be here for Thanksgiving.  Scooter is already talking about a turkey dinner!  Yikes!

There were about nine here on the West side of the house and when we left, there were at least four more on the other side. 

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  1. Idea for the kitty litter is awesome. I wish I had under cabinet lighting. Also love the idea of the recessed outlets. So many things they think of now days. I bet documenting this is such fun.