Saturday, June 1, 2013

If It Looks Like a House...

My mom and I went by the house on Tuesday and the contractors had received the building package.  The piles of lumber were there just waiting to be made into a home. 

Our home.  

We didn't make it to the property on Wednesday.  What a wonderful surprise when we got there on Thursday!  It actually looks like a house.

Our front door.  To the left will be the office and to the right is one of the two spare bedrooms.  Room for family and friends to come see us!

This shows the two spare bedrooms with Jack and Jill bathroom in the center.  I'm standing in one of the bedrooms.  

Moving to the left, I'm standing in the foyer; this shows where the great room and kitchen nook will be.  The fireplace will be straight ahead between the two windows.  

From the North side of the great room, farthest away will be the office.  Or, as I like to call it, my craft room.  I'm excited to have a place for my photography and crafting stuff. 

The "box" laid out this side of the office is the pantry in the kitchen.  I'm pretty happy to have lots of storage in the kitchen!  To the right will be counter space with the stove top, oven and refrigerator.  The kitchen island is to the left of the counter space and will hold the sink and dishwasher.  It has an eating space, too.

Moving from the kitchen, this was taken from laundry room looking at our bedroom.  The powder room is where the left framing changes its line toward me.

Turning around, from our bedroom, this is looking back toward the front of the house.  Straight ahead will be the laundry room and in between will be the powder room.  Where the board on the floor is at an angle is the kitchen.  

I am shooting toward the shower in the Master Bath.  We opted to only have a bathtub in the Jack and Jill bathroom.  We are shower people and chose to use the space need for the tub for living space.  The framed rectangle to the right will be the water closet.  

Standing in the shower, this view is into the walk in closet.  Oh my gosh!  I'm going to have to buy more clothes!

Out the back, Scooter is standing where the covered deck is.  You can see the fireplace box.  The fireplace will be open to the great room and the covered deck.  We'll be able to sit out there and stay warm in the cool evenings!  The door you see will be a Dutch door.  

THIS is Scooter's shop.  We have a four car garage; two bays are for his shop.  It is 22' x 36'.  It will have a 10' ceiling. He's pretty excited about having a place to work and store his, uh, toys.  

This is my side of the garage.  I think this side is 22' x 22' and is 9' high.  The door leads to the laundry room.  

Scooter is standing where the deck will end.  The area to the right will be our backyard.  We are going to have it bladed to the right for more space. 

We will be cutting the bank to the center tree and taking that tree out.  There will be about a three foot rock wall there.  The area above the wall will probably be left natural, at least for the time being, anyway.  

It's so fun to see it all coming together.  We went yesterday and there are more walls up, but the framers were there working and I didn't want to get in their way, so no other photos.  

I believe we have chosen most of the interior items.  I spoke with the soapstone guy on Monday, the lighting lady on Tuesday and yesterday, Friday, we talked to the flooring guy.  We have not talked to the cabinet man yet.  Pretty darned exciting, for sure!

Thanks for checking in and sharing this with me.  


  1. How exciting Debbie! There is nothing more fun than watching your house go up! It looks like it's going to be awesome.

  2. This is great to see your house growing!

  3. So exciting to see it taking shape. It looks so big now that the framing is going up. How nice for Scooter to his own space and you to have your own space.

  4. Oh, how exciting! Visiting from Groupies of Kim!