Friday, June 14, 2013

Tap on Your Window, Too

No door to knock on, but we have windows!  Not all of them were in when mom and I were there Thursday (6/13), but they were installing them quickly.  

The fascia and the soffits are mostly done.  The front and back porches need to be completed.

The windows somehow make the opening seem bigger to me.  The fireplace is going to be see through so we can enjoy it on the back porch, too.  My guess is they will not cut the opening until the fireplace is ready to be installed.  

These windows are in our bedroom.  I won't have to worry about enough light!  I'm going to love having all that light and the view of the back yard.

Almost done installing the windows in the back.

Here you can see the the curve of the backyard.  It will be cut back to the tree on the left and the tree will be removed.  That will give us 25-30 feet of back yard.  We'll be putting in a rock wall on the curve.

The tool room is framed in now at the North end of the garage.  Even the lawnmower will 
have it's own room!  I'm anxious for all of the gardening tools to be in one area.

Another shot of the front.  

A view from the front door opening.  The doors are supposed to go in Friday.

I don't know how long it will be until we have neighbors across the road, but I plan to enjoy this view until we do!

The septic tank is in the ground.  They also put the downspout drains in and have them directed toward the road in front.

I love the wildflowers growing in the common areas.  This is part of the view from the back windows.

I always need a flower shot.  

Today's forecast called for rain, thunder and lightening.  The storm passed over the house before we arrived with just a bit of rain.  I took this looking North.  Those are some menacing looking clouds!

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  1. I'm really enjoying watching the progress. Looking good.