Sunday, June 9, 2013

Up on the Rooftop

Wednesday, the trusses were all set.  It is amazing how quickly they get things going!  And the framers walk those boards like they were strolling down the sidewalk.  I get dizzy thinking about it!  

This is from the East side looking at the spare bedrooms and Jack and Jill bathroom.

The front porch and front bedroom.

The view from the back shows the progress they were making on Thursday.

This is also the back, but from the West side of the lot.

The garages from the road.

From the East side.

The other side, from the West.

The front porch.

These were taken Wednesday and Thursday.  We went up late yesterday, Saturday, and I took these:

 It was so hot up on the roof!  We took up some PowerAde for these guys.  They work so hard!  

Inside the house it looks like a tangle of spider webbing.  When they are done with the roof, they take out all of the support boards.

It is amazing how fast they work.  Once off our job, they will move to the house down the road to frame it.  Then there is one more going right now in our development.  I hope the weather hold for them.  They move across that roof like mountain goats!

From the road.  They finish up this next week.   Windows and doors next week, as well as the rough plumbing.  I love that we were able to keep the trees in the front.  The wind mostly blows from the West, so we won't be worrying about them falling on the house.

I love the detail of the front porch.  My office/craft room will be the window on the left.  I plan to spend lots of time on the porch (front and back) and looking out that window!

More detail.  This is one of the two spare bedrooms and it is next to the porch.  

It seems to be going quite quickly now.  But there are still 2 1/2 months before we can move.  Probably not many photos for a while.  There will be some once the sheet rock goes up and the rooms are more defined.  And when the details are coming together. 

I can hardly wait.  

I look at all of that land with no grass or flowers and dream of what it will be. I know there will be peonies like the one below.  How many?  Where?  What other "deer resistant" flowers can I find?  I have some ideas, but details, well, not yet.  It's a bit overwhelming!  

Thanks for checking in.  I hope you are enjoying the progress.  


  1. This is coming along great. I chuckle at the deer resistant comment. Something we strugle with as well.

  2. Moving along quite fast. I can only imagine your anticipation.