Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy

Today was the day for which I have been waiting!  We have countertops - soapstone countertops!  YAY! 

The first photos are of the master bathroom countertop.  It has been oiled and looks awesome.

I love the quartz veins in the soapstone.  I think they turned out awesome!
The next photo is one of the vanities in the Jack and Jill bathroom.  I took a photo of both, but one turned out way too blurry.  I'll take another tomorrow. 
 I love the streaks in this one.  Especially how the sink cuts through the quartz .
Now, the kitchen counters.  This is soapstone that has not been oiled yet.  It comes gray (or green) like this and once oiled the details stand out.  I will have photos tomorrow of the oiled counters!

I can hardly believe how beautiful they are.  I love them sooooo much!  The look is incredible, but the feel of the soapstone is something else.  They are so soft feeling and they are not cold like granite or marble. 
Next, is the tile in the master bathroom shower.  The white tile is glass and the ones with the paper on them are the glass tile from the floor.  It's going to look so awesome!  I love it, too!

The black rectangles are going to be niches for shampoo, etc.  I didn't get back up tonight or you'd be able to tell better.  I'm anxious to see tomorrow, too.
And the last couple of photos are the outside shakes.  I think it brings down the blue a bit, too.  I love seeing the details come together to make it all cohesive.
I am unable to figure out this new version of this blog.  My photos or my typing jumps all over the page!  ARGH!
Anyway, I am so pleased with what I saw today.  Oh, oh, oh!  I forgot.  First thing this morning, our appliances were delivered, too!  I think they get installed tomorrow. 
Thanks for following along.  I don't know if I'd ever build again, but I'm going to be so glad when everything is done!  I love all your comments.  I hope I'm not too boring! 


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  1. It's coming along beautifully. I've seen the soapstone counters on TV but not in real life. They look georgeous.