Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What a Difference a Week Makes

Wow!  Gone for a week and the house looks so much different!  The first and biggest change is the exterior.  Our house has been painted.  The trim is not done, but the body of the house is.

The house is blue.  Really BLUE!  This is about the only photo that shows the color correctly.  I like it, but I do hope the trim and the rock tone it down a bit.  Oh how I wish it were all done!
Next is the front walk and then the back porches.
This view is from on the porch toward the driveway.

This view is from the driveway toward the house.
These next three photos are the back deck/porch.
And these are the little porch by the man door and the tool room.
Now to the inside!  (Can you believe how light paint looks in these photos?)
A peek at the laundry room cabinets.  The dryer on the left, the washer on the right.
This cabinet is the laundry basket.  The middle opening will be a sliding drawer that will open to both the laundry room and the walk in closet.  We'll drop the dirty laundry in while in the closet and then you'll go to the laundry room and pull open the drawer to pick out the laundry to wash.  Once the clothes are clean and folded, they will be placed on the top shelves and can be put away in the walk in closet.  The opening on the bottom will be a storage drawer.
And this is the vinyl for the laundry room floor. 
This is the hardwood in the house.  Most of it is covered right now in pink paper (and blue tape) to protect the surface until the construction is complete. 
I love the tile for the master bathroom!  The cardboard and black tape cover the glass pieces.  The contractor was grouting when I left today.  I can hardly wait to see it done tomorrow.
This is tile that looks like wood.  It is in the Jack and Jill bathrooms.  The grout was completed today, but I couldn't get to it because the entry hall tile was placed and grouted today.
I really like the entry tile.  I love the herringbone pattern. 

That's it for now.  I am anxiously waiting for the countertops!  The templates have been done and I expect them to be placed this week. At least, I hope.
The backsplash tile is on backorder.  It may have to be installed after we move in.  Argh.  Better late than never, I suppose.
Stay tuned!  Lots more to come.


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  1. It's looking great. I'll bet you can hardly wait to move in.